Technical Textiles

High-grade EVA, TPU for flexibility, CoPA and CoPES for demanding bondings, PROCHIMIR has developped various mono- and multilayer films to meet the specific needs of this market, where innovation meets creativity and flexibility.

The PROCHIMIR range of technical breathable membranes completes its offer.

Typical functions : Elastic hotmelt,  HF-, US-welding, Waterproofness, Windproofness, UV resistance, Washing resistance, FR , Recyclability

Linked functions: RET, Hydrostatic head, Skin contact, Suppleness, Softness, Heat resistance (chemical treatments, sublimation … ), Abrasion resistance, Processability

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  • Lamination Films
  • Tags & Graphics
  • Seamless tapes
  • Breathable and waterproof membranes
    (Sportswear, PPE)
  • Blackout films
    (Sunscreens & BO)
  • High Performance laminates
    (protection, security)