About Us


located in Pouzauges (Vendée, west of France) PROCHIMIR is an SME of 65 employees, specialized in the development and the production of technical films for industrial companies.

With nearly 30 years of experience, ISO certified 9001v2015 and Ökotex, PROCHIMIR is recognized as a leader in the market of hot melt films, thermoplastic & functionalized TPUs or CoPES barrier and breathable membranes.

The PROCHIMIR innovative solutions are sold worldwide. Exports represent over 75% of its turnover including medical markets, technical textiles, construction and automotive.

PROCHIMIR owes its performance to its main mission: your satisfaction.


… characterizing PROCHIMIR : Respect.

Respect towards people foremost, whether you are a customer, a supplier, an employee or a partner. This fundamental will of respect can be found in our policy of ethnical and religious non-discrimination, which is part of a comprehensive approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Respect for the Environment and Territory. PROCHIMIR attaches great importance to its Humans’ and Ecological surroundings, and contributes the best to local life and conservation of natural resources.

Finally, Commitments’ Respect : an evident path to sustainable business partnerships. For PROCHIMIR, the given word is the equivalent of a signed document. It is a mark of Respect to Others to fullfill its commitments.