PROCHIMIR has built its expertise in the development and production of technical films on three pillars : The expertise of its R & D team in formulation and extrusion of specific resins. The control and optimization of multilayers’ extrusion. The numerous exchanges with the technical teams of its customers.

For over 25 years, PROCHIMIR has been investing 5% of its turnover in Research and Development to to expand its range of products with more efficient and innovative formulations of modified polymers such as TPO, TPU, CoPA, or other CoPES elastomers.

PROCHIMIR machine park consists of versatile multilayer extruders, which allow securing the supply chain of its customers. Mastering these lines is the result of the strong synergy between experienced production teams, strict quality control and commitment of R & D into industrialization phase. Mastering these lines also enables the design of multilayer films with the best technical properties.

PROCHIMIR develops, through numerous exchanges, a close collaboration  with its customers. With the support of its sales teams and dedicated R & D, PROCHIMIR accurately defines and offers the expected industrial solution.

Commitment & Technology driven, PROCHIMIR achieved a wide range of technical films. This range is deployed in multiple functions, namely thermo-adhesive, waterproof & breathable, barriers.

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