Automotive Industry

With 65% of its turnover in this market, PROCHIMIR is a well-known player in the automotive world, where its technical films are sold to major Tier One suppliers.

The technical films PROCHIMIR are used for their adhesive and barrier functions during the production of headliners, as for many  injected – molded soundproofing parts. At its customers’ requests, its range of films dedicated to the automotive industry provides also many more confidential assemblies.

Typical functions : Thermal resistance, FR (FMVSS 302), Barrier to automotive fluids , Block-out, Acoustics

Linked functions: Barrier to PU foam injection, Flame lamination, Thermoforming, Encapsulation

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  • Headliners and interiors panels
  • Soundproofing systems
  • Decorative interior parts
  • Seatings
  • Headrests